Wilbanks Reserve Corporation
Oil & Gas Asset Management
450 E. 17th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203

Business Summary

Wilbanks Reserve Corporation ("WRC") is an oil and gas production company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. WRC and its related companies own producing oil and gas properties in 12 states. Our primary business focus is the acquisition and management of non-operated, high quality, long life proved developed producing and other proved oil and gas reserves in the continental United States. WRC manages its oil and gas assets with a focus on superior long term profitability. While WRC is involved in the industry to find, produce and develop oil and gas, the ultimate and primary objective of the company is the maximization of returns on invested capital.

WRC acquires producing and other proved oil and gas reserves in addition to participating in new drilling prospects that are anticipated to provide attractive returns on invested capital and asset growth. WRC is consistently focused on the management and exploitation of its assets. The company attempts to minimize risk in several ways, including investing primarily in proved reserve asset categories; utilizing oil and gas derivatives for price hedging; and avoiding investments in exploration (wildcat) activities.